What a great printmaking set up and people in B.A..  Santi was my helper the day these photos were taken.


Buenos Aires is huge- tons of people, cars, everything.  There is a heavy European design influence but with a South American twist.  I had a great experience.  It is even more of a 24 hour city than New York.  I wish I could have taken more advantage of that.  Here are a few of the first photos I took of just City sights.  More to come….

IMG_3978IMG_4230 2IMG_3953 copy

Loyal Followers,

Although I haven’t been posting a painting a day, I have been busy….I was awarded a 3-week artist in residency in Argentina, from Feb to March next year.  I’m excited about it and a little nervous too and hope to generate lots of new stuff to post.. I think I’ll be there during the tango festival ( I don’t tango), but it did inspire this piece below.

I’ve started an inidie-gogo campaign to help with expenses if anyone is interested.  Here’s the link” https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-grow-a-printmaking-community/x/8421807

Many thanks for your support over the last 2 years!

Argentine Street Tango

Nothing is Forever

Come by tonight from 3 to 8 for the Opening Party or this weekend from 11 – 6.  We’re at 345 8th Ave. between Geary and Clement in San Francisco.  Hope you can make it!


I drew this picture many years ago.  Just found it again and turned it into a painting.  It is kind of creepy….

Taunt 1

Hey, if anyone will be in Eugene between October 17 and November 7, stop by the Maude Kearns Art Center at 1910 E. 15th

Ave.  These are the works of mine that they chose for the exhibit.







D.Weinberg_Day of the Dead Balcony D.Weinberg_Day of the Dead friends

An addendum to the earlier “Crocker Steps” painting….


Crocker Steps 2

Loyal Followers!  I am happy to present a series of 6 old baseball stadiums– not the 365 of last year!

The backstory, for those of you who are interested, is that I’ve always been a big baseball fan.  My first game was at Connie Mack stadium in Philadelphia, I think around 1971.  Anyway, it was the last year of that stadiums’ existence and I loved it– the iron grillwork, the red,white and blue bunting everywhere…I felt like I’d stepped back in history.  The next year the stadium was demolished to make way for that monstrosity Veterans Stadium.  I heard last year, I think, that the Vet was old and outdated and had to be demolished itself.  Wait!  I remember when that stadium was built!  Does that mean I’m that old and outdated too?

Anyway, in homage to all of those old, beautiful stadiums, most of which were gone before I was born or soon after, I decided to paint a sliver of them from the fans’ point of view.  I might add a few more- maybe Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field ( still in existence).  I’d like to hear what you think!



I guess I can’t get away from the series thing, so why not go with it?  Here’s a new one:


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