January 31

People scattered on outdoor seating at Aquatic Park.

January Notes:
I’ve already gone through a number of ways of approaching this self-imposed project this month. Like with any new idea, I was gung-ho at the start. Then, it became a little annoying, and then I was grateful for the ritual.  It made me feel productive to be chipping away at a bigger work, piece by piece, without being attached to the “grand” end result or even the result of the painting done that day.  I also found myself struggling to keep with my own program of actually seeing, looking, and looking a little further to try and find something interesting enough to merit a painting ( although tiny).

The parameters for deciding on the image to paint also evolved.  I decided not to make it a visual diary– what I did, where I went each day– because I thought it just wouldn’t be that interesting to anyone who doesn’t know me, and to most people who do.   It was also a struggle to paint  just what I saw and not edit it because it wasn’t what I wanted to see, or to change it a little to improve the composition but that is my goal.

I wondered why I am doing this. At this moment, I think I’m doing it because I love to paint and the project gets me painting consistently– nothing more, nothing less.