New Series! ( nothing like the Painting a Day though)

Loyal Followers!  I am happy to present a series of 6 old baseball stadiums– not the 365 of last year!

The backstory, for those of you who are interested, is that I’ve always been a big baseball fan.  My first game was at Connie Mack stadium in Philadelphia, I think around 1971.  Anyway, it was the last year of that stadiums’ existence and I loved it– the iron grillwork, the red,white and blue bunting everywhere…I felt like I’d stepped back in history.  The next year the stadium was demolished to make way for that monstrosity Veterans Stadium.  I heard last year, I think, that the Vet was old and outdated and had to be demolished itself.  Wait!  I remember when that stadium was built!  Does that mean I’m that old and outdated too?

Anyway, in homage to all of those old, beautiful stadiums, most of which were gone before I was born or soon after, I decided to paint a sliver of them from the fans’ point of view.  I might add a few more- maybe Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field ( still in existence).  I’d like to hear what you think!




6 thoughts on “New Series! ( nothing like the Painting a Day though)

  1. These are just wonderful! I am so glad to see your work again, and I think you’ve captured such atmosphere in these.

    By the way, I live in a suburb of Philadelphia. The Vet is long gone – we now have Citizens Bank Park. I haven’t been there, but everyone seems to have good things to say about it, and – I believe it is considered a hitter’s park, lots of home runs!

    (I mostly listen to Phillies games on the radio, so – that’s why I’m a little vague…)

    Thanks for posting this. There are lots of details you have included, I love these pictures.

      1. Yes, many times at the Vet, both in the stands and in a box suite ( for work). Unlike lots of people, I remember the Vet as a good experience in either case – and I also went to football games there as well.

        I haven’t been to the new park for a game, so I can’t be first person on it – but everyone I know who has been raves about it, better sight lines, a more friendly set-up for baseball, nice bathrooms, good food.

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