New painting

An addendum to the earlier “Crocker Steps” painting….


Crocker Steps 2


December 31!

Someone carved these words at Ocean Beach and  I thought it was a perfect ending to this project.  Many many thanks to you, loyal followers!  There were so many times when I almost gave up , not feeling like painting or thinking that nobody was interested, but then I’d get your likes and comments and they kept me going.

 What now?  Well, a few things: I do want to do a regular kind of art project ( but not every day!) and a friend suggested that periodically, maybe every 2 weeks or every month, I ask you all for a prompt.  Then, if I get any responses, I’ll list them and pick one, and later post the result.  But I’m open to other ideas– please send them to me!

The other thing: I’m looking for a space to display all 365 of these 4″ x 4″ paintings all together but haven’t found a place yet.  Does anyone know of a place that might be interested?

Happy New Year to everyone, and keep it up ( whatever it is that you do)!


December 24

It seems crazy that this scene exists at Christmas…but here it is: golfers hanging out at one of the greenest places in California while everything else turns brown in way above average warmth and extreme drought.


December 23

These houses nearby are all lit up for Chirstmas.  I still love walking around and looking at the displays.  They seem pretty good this year.