Buenos Aires is huge- tons of people, cars, everything.  There is a heavy European design influence but with a South American twist.  I had a great experience.  It is even more of a 24 hour city than New York.  I wish I could have taken more advantage of that.  Here are a few of the first photos I took of just City sights.  More to come….

IMG_3978IMG_4230 2IMG_3953 copy


New Show! Day of the Dead at Maude Kearns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon

Hey, if anyone will be in Eugene between October 17 and November 7, stop by the Maude Kearns Art Center at 1910 E. 15th

Ave.  These are the works of mine that they chose for the exhibit.







D.Weinberg_Day of the Dead Balcony D.Weinberg_Day of the Dead friends

New work + Featured Artist!

Loyal Followers!  Just wanted to keep in touch and  keep posting…so here is a new painting and it’s a big change from the 4″ x 4″ “painting a day” — this one is 40″ x 58″, of the warm and nearly deserted scene at SF’s Ocean Beach on New Year’s day.

Also– I’m the featured artist of the month for a the Artists and Craftsmen art supply store — check it out!


December 31!

Someone carved these words at Ocean Beach and  I thought it was a perfect ending to this project.  Many many thanks to you, loyal followers!  There were so many times when I almost gave up , not feeling like painting or thinking that nobody was interested, but then I’d get your likes and comments and they kept me going.

 What now?  Well, a few things: I do want to do a regular kind of art project ( but not every day!) and a friend suggested that periodically, maybe every 2 weeks or every month, I ask you all for a prompt.  Then, if I get any responses, I’ll list them and pick one, and later post the result.  But I’m open to other ideas– please send them to me!

The other thing: I’m looking for a space to display all 365 of these 4″ x 4″ paintings all together but haven’t found a place yet.  Does anyone know of a place that might be interested?

Happy New Year to everyone, and keep it up ( whatever it is that you do)!